The G.O.A.T. Approach, (R)evolution in App Development

Here at Glamorous Goat, we take your app idea, fuel it up, and blast it off into the cosmos! πŸš€βœ¨ We aren’t just your average tech geeks, we’re your compatriots, shoulder to shoulder, battling for the success of your app. We’re on this journey together, aiming for the peak.

We build 5-star apps. And we guarantee it!

We could yap your ears off for hours, but hey, we get it, time is gold. So here’s the quick and dirty. Let’s jam!


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At Glamorous Goat, we tackle app development in our unique way – we split it into two big parts: Concepting and Development. We cover it all, from A to Z, or pick and choose the parts you need. Within this framework, we live the G.O.A.T. way. What’s that mean?

  • G. for Guidance. πŸ—ΊοΈ You and us, we set goals together and strategize on how to hit ’em. All based on the DIST-model. Forget the fixed roadmap, we have a GPS system that adjusts to fresh insights.
  • O. stands for Optimize. πŸ₯‡ Each idea from step one gets put through our certainty score. We don’t play on a hunch, we use data to determine the success odds for every idea.
  • A. is for Advanced. πŸ’ͺ Through the magic of our ‘shared architecture’, we build advanced apps for both iOS and Android without the double trouble costs.
  • T. is Trust. πŸ›Ÿ We believe in you, and you can count on us. We enforce our own rigorous QA pillars, security standards, offer full transparency, and keep a close eye on the ball.

That’s the short of our approach. Hungry for the nitty-gritty details? Scroll on down.

Ready to rock and roll? Give us a ring at +31 13 – 70 09 713 and let’s explore how we can apply the GOAT-way for your app. Let’s do this! ☎️

Concepting & Development

Our two services

At Glamorous Goat, we hit app development with a one-two punch: Concepting & Development. We offer them as a pair, but we can also go solo, right where you need us.

We got your back exactly (and only) where you need it.

It might feel like an avalanche of information, but don’t sweat it. You chose us, so we take care of the heavy lifting. You just need to sit back and enjoy the ride.

You pick us, so we do the work.

Concepting? That’s teamwork between you and our product owner. We make sure your app becomes exactly what it’s gotta be. Post concepting, our team knows precisely how to blast off your app to the top.Development? That’s in the hands of a dedicated team – developers, designers, a product owner, and QA specialist. They work in sprint mode, tearing through 3 phases every two weeks. Rinse and repeat. Let’s go!
1. Brown paper sessie
2. Research
3. Research deliverables
– Persona’s
– User flows
– Context diagram
4. Design deliverables
– User stories setup
– Wireframes
– Brandbook
– (Interactive) high fidelity design mockups
– Functional design
5. Testen/validatie
– Stakeholder feedback
– Usability tests
1. Game plan
– Bi-weekly sprints
2. Execution of tasks
– Implementing ideas
– Gathering feedback
– Processing feedback
3. Demo meeting
– Discussing (processed) feedback
– Discussing project status
– Delivering new features & test version
– Evaluating ideas
– Discussing next sprint steps/tasks
– Lessons learned?
4. Repeat

– Repeating the above cycle

The G.O.A.T. Approach

From years of rubbing elbows with powerhouses like Philips and Eindhoven Airport, plus ambitious startups like Get Serious, we’ve mastered the secret sauce for making every app hit it out of the park. Experience doesn’t lie!









Together we’ll help you dominate your business goals using the DIST model. Forget rigid roadmaps, we’re like a GPS – ready to reroute with new insights on the fly.

Every idea gets a run through our certainty-score model. Hard data? That’s our bread and butter for maximizing your idea’s odds of crushing it.

Our ‘shared architecture’ method lets us build advanced native apps for iOS AND Android – without double-dipping on cost!

We trust in you, so you can bet your boots you can trust us. Why? Because we’re die-hard about our own Quality Assurance pillars and keep a keen eye on the project every step of the way. Trust the process!

These pillars? They’re nuggets of gold. Forged from years of sweat, data-digging, expert insights, and rigorous research. We’re not here to play games, we deliver results!

1. Guidance

Defining (Business) Goals & Ideas

The DIST model lets us tackle a project in a structured and organized way, but with room for spontaneity.

Itamar Galad, ex-senior product owner at Microsoft & Google, whipped up the DIST model.

How does it work?

Think of it as a GPS system: we set the destination and budget, but the journey? That’s an adventure packed with real-time updates. The goals stay put, that’s a given. But the ideas, steps, and tasks we undertake along the way? They’re always in flux. We’re always adjusting, recalibrating, and optimizing. That’s how we roll!

DIST-model (werkwijze Glamorous Goat app ontwikkelaar)





What (business) goal or goals do we aim to achieve with the app?

Ideas are the bets we place to reach the goal or goals.

Small or big projects we need to carry out to fulfill an idea.

All tasks needed to complete a step (project).

2. Optimize

Our real deal validation

We validate and optimize EVERY idea with our certainty score. Only the true game-changers get our focus. Period.

How does it work?

We first determine the current certainty score for each idea using the info we already have. Then, we can do additional research to boost the certainty of success.

A no-brainer way to validate quickly and substantively!

Zekerheidsniveau score model (werkwijze Glamorous Goat app ontwikkelaar)

3. Advanced

No half measures here

We only build native apps. No faux-native apps, but the real deal. Without the double costs usually slapped on you.

So, no hybrid, cross-platform, or no/low code apps like ReactNative, Xamarin, Flutter, Ionic, NativeScript, or OutSystems.

True native apps are built solely in Apple’s 🍏 and Android’s πŸ€– own development environment. That means lifelong and guaranteed support, a promise you won’t get with the above alternatives.

So, while others are trying to reinvent the wheel, we stick to the basics. It works. It’s proven. And guess what? It’s sustainable.

We’ve Got The Solution That Makes Native App Development Cost Not Double, But About 1.4 Times. How?

Shared Architecture

We make native apps in the birthplace of operating systems: Xcode for iOS and Android Studio for Android. No shortcuts, no half measures.

But here’s our power move: Shared Architecture. An app isn’t a simple one-layer pancake, it’s a multi-layered cake. And those layers can be baked in different kitchens. Our secret recipe?

We share as many layers (the app architecture) in common development environments as possible. We only code the strictly necessary (the top layer) within the OS-specific kitchens.


Shared code

A chunk of our code can be shared across multiple platforms. This prevents a lot of double work. Simple, efficient, and wickedly effective.

Simultaneous feature development

Developer A (Android) and Developer B (iOS) work on different things at the same time – Feature A and Feature B.

So, if Feature A needs tweaks after customer feedback, we do it once. Developer B only starts on Feature A after it’s approved, then he can implement it in the same way.

Gelijktijdige feature ontwikkeling: verminderde kosten native app ontwikkeling (Glamorous Goat)

4. Trust

Why should you trust us?

We build 5-star apps. Guaranteed!

Listen up, we’re not in the business of creating 3 or 4-star apps. No, we’re shooting for the full five stars! If we don’t make it? We’ll refund you half. Yes, you heard it right. Why? Because we have total faith in the quality of our team.

We’ve got a system. It’s tight, it’s well-founded, and it’s unbelievably organized. We set our own quality benchmarks, and we ensure stringent checks. We deliver top-notch quality, time and time again.

Each of our teams has a QA specialist. This superhero ensures we stay on track, that we meet our quality targets. They’re keeping their fingers on the pulse, making sure we don’t stray off the path to perfection.


We operate with a system that makes every minute count. Everyone clocks in and out, so we know exactly how much time has been spent on each feature. This way, we can adjust in time to meet our objectives.


We show you exactly how much time we spend on each task. No guesswork, no misunderstandings about costs.

And Efficiency?

It’s in our DNA. We can precisely see which tasks are time-consuming, or which ones are quicker than anticipated. This helps us to switch gears faster and make smart decisions in every sprint. That’s how we operate here. That’s how we come out on top.

5. Our Quality Pillars

How we achieve this

QA-pijlers: Werkwijze Glamorous Goat app ontwikkeling

Game Rules

We play by the rules here. For Apple, it’s the Human Interface Guidelines (HIG), and for Android, it’s Google Material Design. These guidelines? They’re created for UI-designers to rocket that user-friendliness to the moon.

Apple users? They swipe differently than Android users. We get that. We apply these (minor) differences for the best user experience. Intuitive navigation? That’s what we’re all about.

Linting methode?

Coding is like going to Rome – there are a thousand ways. But, different coding styles? That makes it tough for others to take over.

Linting helps us to maintain a uniform style across all developers. This way, anyone can effortlessly continue working on your app’s code at a later point.

Bugs & issues

During development, we go on a bug hunt. Automated bug tracking tools? Those are our best friends. We catch those bugs early and tackle them head-on. This way, we avoid costly last-minute fixes.

Test, Test, Test

We test and validate the app at multiple stages:

  • Validation of wireframes & mockups
  • Client testing versions
  • Debugging
  • Functional & non-functional tests
  • Automated & manual tests
  • Technical & usability tests

For complex or large projects? We take it a step further with extra tests.

OWASP Security

We shield every app with OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project). It includes:

  • Mobile Application Security Verification Standard (MASVS)
  • Mobile Application Security Testing Guide (MASTG).

It’s the gold standard for security verification and testing. Depending on the app, we use level 1 or level 2 of the security standards. Because, safety? We take that very seriously.