Our Mission:
Crafting 5-Star Apps

Glamorous Goat has one straightforward mission: To create apps that aren’t just occupying space on your smartphone, they’re hogging the limelight. πŸ“± Apps that merge user-friendliness with a design that’s so stunning it should be on a magazine cover. 😍

We are an app development squad of over 20 specialists with a name that really sticks. We love to take the path less travelled, that’s why we don’t just build apps, we build game-changers. πŸš€

While others might juggle web, hybrid, and native app development, we consciously choose specialization. We zero in on native app development because we believe being the best at something requires serious tunnel vision. 🎯

We’re nested in a hip, yet historical building in Oisterwijk, in the precinct of the Leather Factory. Our neighbor is none other than the “Great Dutch Bake Off”, RobΓ¨rt van Beckhoven, so there’s always some tasty temptation nearby. πŸ₯

The Goat Pen 🐐

Our team is a fusion of creativity, analytical minds, and self-driven devotees of their craft. Our founder, Hugo, has made it his personal mission to assemble the best app team out there. And because it would be quite a coincidence if the best people lived just around the corner, we’ve expanded our team with experts from across the European Union. 🌍

But let’s not forget, goats are herd animals, so face-to-face contact remains crucial. That’s why we hold the legendary Glamorous Goat Week at least once a year. A week packed with fun and team-building activities, because let’s face it, after a wild party night together, you’re always ready to have your teammate’s back. πŸŽ‰




App Strateeg & Founder


Project Manager


Content Chief


Design Lead




Product Owner


iOS Developer


Android Developer


iOS & Android Developer


iOS Developer


UX / UI Designer


iOS Developer


Backend Developer


Product Owner


Android Developer


QA Tester


Backend Developer


QA Tester


Server Management

Marching to the beat of your own drum isn’t mandatory here, but it sure does make the parade more interesting…

Shoot For The Moon, If You Miss You’ll Land Among The Stars ✨

By the end of 2022, we’ve set ourselves a bold target… Within 3 years, one of our apps should be lighting up the big screen during an Apple Keynote with Tim Cook! 🍎

But Why The Name Glamorous Goat? 🐐

Well, that name didn’t just fall out of the sky. Goats have acute hearing, excellent vision, and a well-developed nose.

Like goats, we’re curious and investigative. That’s exactly how we approach a new project.

We’re up for scaling the steepest cliffs and making an ascent you thought was sheer fantasy.

All you can’t imagine.

And, of course, there can only be one true G.O.A.T. 🐐 … πŸ˜†