Privacy Policy

At Glamorous Goat, we treat privacy like a rare vinyl record, with utmost care and attention. So we keep our collection of your personal data to a bare minimum. But sometimes, like that last slice of pizza, it’s necessary. This privacy statement for clients is our way of pulling back the curtain, showing what data we gather, why we need it, who we might share it with, and how long we keep it on file. Got any questions or feedback about our policy? Don’t be shy, drop us a line. We handle your personal data in accordance with the demands of the Personal Data Protection Act.

To carry out our agreement, we process the following personal data from you:

  • Name and Address
    We like being on a first-name basis. We use your name and address to create proposals and invoices that don’t just look like generic forms.
  • E-mailaddress
    Your email address is like gold for us. It lets us keep you in the loop with invoices, service updates and other crucial info. We promise not to bombard your inbox with unsolicited ads.
  • Phone Number
    We hold onto your phone number like a lifeline, so we can identify you quicker when you call, handle urgent matters promptly, or drop a friendly reminder if an invoice is due.
  • IP Address (and Server Logs)
    We log IP addresses and all server requests for security reasons. If a cyber enthusiast from Russia tries logging in every second, we can block ’em out and keep your account and data safe.
  • Other Personal Data
    Sometimes we receive other personal info from our clients via email, phone or other channels. Of course, we treat this info confidentially and delete it ASAP if technically possible.

Cost Calculator

We have a cost calculator to give you an insight into your app’s anticipated costs. To send the estimate, we need your name and email. We’ll use these details solely for this purpose and to reach out once to discuss the results.

Retention Periods

We keep the above data only as long as necessary. In some cases, laws require us to hold onto data for longer periods. For instance, we keep invoices for 7 years and then anonymize them.


Along with privacy, security is high on our priority list. We’ve set rigorous security standards beyond the legal requirements. For instance, we need a time-bound code to log into our dashboard and mail, and our servers are physically secure.

Sharing with Third Parties

Sometimes we have to share data with third parties. We only do this when legally required or after a thorough vetting of the recipient (we only share data with parties we have processing agreements with, or those that meet our privacy standards). For example, we might share some of your data with our accounting software, and our accountant may see this data too. Almost all parties we share data with are either in the European Union or have ‘EU-US Privacy Shield’ certification, so they abide by European privacy laws.

Automated Decisions

Sometimes we make automated decisions based on collected data for efficiency. If an invoice’s payment term expires, we’ll send reminders and block unpaid services automatically.

View, Modify or Delete Data

You can request an overview of all stored data by emailing us at We’ll send you a complete overview of your data within four weeks.

Changes to this Statement

Occasionally, we update our privacy statement due to new legislation or other circumstances. You’ll always find the latest version here. This version was last updated on May 5, 2022.