💪 Embrace the hustle

Glamorous Goat is all about native app development. If your vibe is upbeat, you’ve got killer communication skills, and love getting your hands dirty, you might just be our kind of people.

✌️Hey there, we’re Glamorous Goat 👋

Our belief? Native apps should give users pure joy, letting them dive right in without a second thought. We’re all in with businesses that share this vision, and if they don’t, well, it’s not a match. No hard feelings. For the ones that do, we build apps that are a playground of creativity, teamwork, and connectivity. We don’t do compromise in our apps, only top-shelf stuff.

Are you the crème de la crème in your field but also a royal pain in the ass? Sorry, you’re not the goat for us. We’re a remote European crew of experts who thrive on helping each other out. The team is what makes Glamorous Goat shine, particularly in the Netherlands. But it’s about time we let the whole world in on our secret.

Job Opportunities Up for Grabs:

Aim For The Stars ✨

At the close of 2022, we set ourselves a lofty goal… Within 3 years, we’re determined to see one of our apps lighting up the screen behind Tim Cook at an Apple Keynote. Are you up for helping us make this dream a reality?