Philips Medical Systems


Augmented Reality (AR) for Pathology Scanner Demos 🚀

No secret, we’re livin’ in the digital transformation era. In that space, we took on a bold, thrilling task: crafting an app to engage pathologists with Philips Medical Systems.

Initial Stage 💡

Here at Glamorous Goat, we believe success comes from daring to ask the big questions and digging deep for answers. For Philips Medical Systems, we started with a set of assumptions that we confirmed, refuted, and refined, one by one. Our goal? Radically changing the pathology game with Augmented Reality (AR) power.

Nothing beats a solid strategy and tight planning. From the get-go, we set the bar high. Committed to making the biggest impact with each strategic move. Flexibility? Not a choice, but a must in this fast-paced game.

Ruud Roelofsen

Marketing Manager

” Glamorous Goat hit the ground running and critically helped to find the best solution. They act as real partners, sharp and persistent. Moreover, we’ve had a pleasant collaboration for years. “

Recognition Within and Beyond the Organization 🏆

Our app got the ‘hero-app’ status within Philips – an acknowledgement we’re super proud of! Plus, we’re still racking up compliments, internally and externally.

Ruud Roelofsen, Marketing Manager at Philips Medical Systems:

“It’s a beautifully designed and very useful app. We continue to receive compliments on it, both internally and externally. It’s also extremely convenient that we can make adjustments ourselves via a dashboard. It keeps the app easily up-to-date.”

Quick Moves, Detailed Work 🔄

Ruud Roelofsen, Marketing Manager at Philips Medical Systems, praises our approach:

“In a large organization like Philips, many people need to give their approval. Everything must be detailed to perfection. Luckily, Glamorous Goat was incredibly flexible. Even now, we were able to move quickly and the last tweaks were swiftly implemented. Within six weeks, the app was a reality. I admire how quick the development went.”

Redesign 2020 > 2023 🎨

We believe an app only stays current if you continue to improve and evolve. That’s why we recently gave it a fresh coat of paint, ensuring our app is future-proof.

Here’s a sneak peek at how the ROI calculator flow has been improved. Of course, we also gave the app a fresh coat of paint to make it pop. This way, the app can keep up for years to come.

Together Towards the Future 👥

Philips Medical Care is highly satisfied with the collaboration and the end result and has decided to further extend and enhance the app. Plus, in 2020, they opted for a native app for iOS and Android to better utilize Augmented Reality (AR). With a fresh design and improved flow, the app is set for years!

Ruud Roelofsen: “The app is very user-friendly, but it can always improve. By adding new features, we aim to better serve users. We’re looking forward to continuing to collaborate with Glamorous Goat as we continue to expand and develop the app.”