A Champion’s League Level App – Used by Real Madrid! ⚽

We are thrilled to be the muscle behind the FreeKickPro® app, a tech-driven game-changer linking training dummies through Bluetooth. This small piece of magic allows top coaches worldwide to have their players practice free kicks with surgical precision.

Data that spawns game-changers 💪💡

Thanks to FreeKickPro®, we generate data that can nudge the fine line between victory and defeat. How? By choosing the perfect free-kick kicker at the perfect moment, a club could secure a place in the Champions League – not just any competition, but the multi-billion dollar game! And yes, even Real Madrid is now training with FreeKickPro®’s free-kick wall. 🏟️💰


  • 2018 – Present


  • iOS

What did we do?

  • App Development
  • Maintenance
  • Strategy
  • UX/UI Design

Davide Ancelotti

Assistant Manager
@ Real Madrid

” We use the FreeKickPro® app during every pre-match session. I thing it’s a necessary tool to realistically train a component of the game that can make the difference between winning and losing a game. “

Biggest challenge: Collaborating with hardware in development 🛠️⚙️

App development and hardware development, it’s like a dance where both parties need to know the steps. We often had to move to the beat of the hardware provider, waiting for updates as specs changed. There were numerous ping-pong sessions between us, the client, and the hardware developers.

The ever-changing hardware prototypes presented us with fresh challenges, extending our lead time. But you know what? We didn’t give up. We kept learning and innovating because there’s a lot to deal with in hardware-related app development. And yes, we even wrote and applied our own Bluetooth implementation. 🔌💻

App in Use At

Training with yellow dummies? Forget it! 😎🥅

Traditional training with yellow dummies is outdated. It’s not realistic, certainly not for the shooting player or the goalkeeper. The number of dummies, their height, their inability to jump, the alignment of the wall – all these variables can affect the outcome in the match.

So, we asked ourselves, would a ball that goes in during training also go in during the match? With FreeKickPro® we can be sure. 🤷‍♂️🎯

Ready to experience it?💥

Download the app now and feel the power of precise data and advanced tech yourself! 🚀📲

* App is available for Apple iPad only. To fully use the app, you need a login, available to FreeKickPro customers only.