Eindhoven Airport


Assisting Airport Neighbors By Making The Noise Visible 🛫

Imagine living next to Eindhoven Airport. You want to stay informed, you want to be involved, you want your voice to be heard. That’s exactly what our app provides!

In 2018, we embarked on this project with a clear mission: to better inform the neighbors of Eindhoven Airport and amplify their voices. We aimed to build a bridge between the airport and the local residents, and we succeeded.

The Mission

Our mission was to keep Eindhoven Airport’s ‘neighbors’ informed about what’s happening at and around the airport and what kind of noise they could expect. Our app puts the user first, from live tracking of flight movements to monitoring noise levels.

This project was a study in efficiency. Thanks to clear communication and decisiveness, the app was delivered earlier than expected. But we’re never finished – continuous optimization and usability testing form the core of our approach. This ensures we always stay relevant to our target audience.

Gijs Vrenken

Manager Communications,
Eindhoven Airport

💬 ” An app is only relevant if it stays up-to-date. Develop small components, validate, and repeat. Glamorous Goat gets that, and we’ve been reaping the benefits for years. “

Intense Collaboration & Assertiveness 👥

The key to the success of this project was an intense collaboration with Eindhoven Airport. Regular consultations allowed us to quickly establish a clear scope. This put both the development and launch of the app into a positive momentum.

Continuous Optimization Through Usability Testing 🔄

At Glamorous Goat, we don’t stand still after an app’s launch. We strongly believe in the power of continuous optimization. Once the initial designs were ready, we started with an extensive analysis of the user experience. With the help of usability testing, we studied user interaction with the app in detail.

We used cameras to observe how users navigate the app. This gave us insight into their behavioral patterns and needs. The data collected was then used to improve subsequent iterations of the app, making it even more relevant for the users.

This approach allows us to quickly respond to user feedback and make adjustments that enhance the user experience. This continuous cycle of testing, learning, and improving is the key to the success of our projects.

What’s Next? 🚀

We’re always on the move. Currently, we’re working on a completely new version of the app (of which you can see a preview in the screenshots on this page), updating the design to contemporary standards and enhancing the user experience. We’re not only focused on the utility of the app but also on the joy of using it.